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1 git as a CMS

I have begun using git [http://git-scm.com/] for just about everything. If there is any amount of text involved, chances are high I'm stashing it in a git repository. There's just too much handiness in git to pass up. It didn't have to be specifically git (mercurial [http://mercurial.selenic.com/] probably would'a worked dandy for me, too).

A abuse branching like my two-year-old abuses Marshmallow Mateys -- which is to say, like a school teacher abuses prescription drugs [http://www.ksl.com/?nid=960&sid=18479522].

It offers me many of the features that I wanted in old Vaxine by virtue of the fact that it's a source control system as well as many I never imagined wanting until I got down and dirty with the system. Now I can't imagine life without git . It would be such a hollow existence.

This site's content is now being kept as raw text files with some minor, uninvasive markup that happens to align with my particular text formatting prejudices. I plan on further exploiting git's capabilities to make it appear as though the Ishpeckian Network is still dynamically generated (tho', thank Dennis Ritchie's ghost, it is not).

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