Mission Statement

To put it bluntly, the game industry has betrayed us. If you adore fine quality games, you probably have this feeling too. Style, panache, and fun are all buried in the avalanche of DRM, immersion-crippling loading screens, and over-worked GPU's.

In some cases, it's perfectly understandable why. If you work in the software industry, you have share holders to appease. They don't care about how "cool" your stuff is as long as you put black on the books. It's always nice when you can have both but when a shop's forced to choose between the two, it's the gamers who suffer.

In other cases, it makes zero varieties of sense. Indie game shops the world over are just cloning tower defense a quintizibajillion times over. How is this good for us or them?

Other shops are determined to milk you rather than please you. They want subscriptions and commitments. Sure, it comes with great updates and a constantly evolving game experience – but, honestly, not everyone is out to marry the games they play! We just want to have fun.

On the flip-side, the "casual" games out there don't seem to have coolness or crunchy bits. They don't indulge the megalomania like they should. Sometimes we just gotta blow stuff up and break some rules. Organizing blocks and abstract figures in virtual space just doesn't cut it.

The world is in dire need of fun; destructive, violent, indulgences without commitments, contracts, or loading screens.

Our mission is to deliver that. Our games either entertain you or they don't. But we don't ask for your undying soul in exchange for letting you figure that out.

So let the Mighty Pwnage commence!

Date: 2008-08-01 12:11:11

Author: Anthony "Ishpeck" Tedjamulia

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