I Hate Libertarians

As time goes on, I find myself growing less and less tolerant of minarchical libertarians. Yeah, I know that not long ago, I used to be one. I just spent a bit of time transcribing some texts from the days when I was one. Maybe that's why they bug me so much.

There was once a time when I was in that cult; the Ron Paul fellating sack of COTUS-worshipping, Fed-loathing activists who thought that the solution to the problem of political thinking was to become politically active.

They're terribly eager to explain to you that the progressive nanny-staters on the left and the imperialist adventurers on the right really don't differ all that much. What the minarchical libertarian fails to point out is that they, too, are every bit as statist as the political wings they criticize.

Libertarians ask for the logically impossible. They concede that there must be a supreme, unquestionable authority over an arbitrary region of land and then in the same breath ask that same authority to be less arbitrary, less unquestionable and somehow less supreme.

As far as I'm concerned, libertarians are bigger hypocrites than the Congressmen who swear an oath to uphold COTUS and then also vote for the Patriot Act. At least those Congressmen have the decency to admit that they never have any intention on answering to the laws of economics.

One of these days, dear libertarians, you're going to have to own-up to the fact that by constantly dangling the carrot of state power in front of the asses and elephants, you perpetuate the problems they create. You're not being clever by asking the carrot to be smaller because the goons find it no less tasty and find themselves coveting more no matter how much you refuse to give them.

No, libertarians, you can not have the "rule of law" in a state. States are inherently lawless. Asking for a state that is ruled by law is like asking for a chaste prostitute. It is definitionally impossible.

Perhaps because of the fact that what they ask of society is impossible, the libertarian seems to think they have the greatest license to complain about everyone else's economic ignorance, blind partisanship, and down-right silliness. Those poor, disenfranchised souls aren't given the attention they deserve by the mainstream media or the Republicrat Landsraad. The curse of libertarian enlightenment is living in a world that doesn't share your values!

Shut up, libertarians. You're part of the problem. The world really would be better off without you.

Date: 2012-10-15 20:21

Author: Anthony "Ishpeck" Tedjamulia

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