Ishpeckian Browse-Dump Digest #2

Ah, the things you read when you're not too stuck up to use a browser!

Table of Contents

1 Statist eFight!

When states bicker, it's like a pissing contest over a stretch of electric fences. They're trying to see who can be the biggest authoritarian hypocrite.


2 Linguistics

3 Edutizements

When I was a kid, cartoons were thirty minute long advertisements for toys. It appears as tho' academia has learned that trick and now they offer courses that they hope will provoke you to buying their toys.

Going to Cambridge is like having the fully-staffed GI Joe aircraft carrier.



4 Victim of XP's Success

Before I'd started working in Unix, I used to have great disdain for Windows XP and the jungle of Internet Explorer systems. I, like many, was a victim of XP's success; having to develop for and test on more than one platform was a pain…


'Course, I deal with bigger compatability problems now so all my complaining seems quaint. It seems to me that the biggest victims of XP's success are its users and Microsoft. Everyone LOL at MSFT!

5 Speaking of Not-Windows

My dear cousin introduced me to this little amusement. It's like the modern open source Atari TOS!


I'm sure by now my OS collection is likely to seem every bit as tacky as the stock at Spencer's Gifts … but I can't help myself. At least it's not something silly like stamps bottle caps.

Date: 2012-09-03 21:27

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